DOI: 10.5176/2251-2136_ICT12.12

Authors: Ramlee Ab. Ghani, Masnizah Mohd and Nur Fazidah Elias

Abstract: This study seeks to measure the user satisfaction of Knowledge Resources for Science and Technology Excellence Malaysia ( as a medium for managing knowledge in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), amongst the registered users. As a Knowledge Management System (KMS), functions as a collector of STI information related material, provides a platform for collaboration and discussion of the community, and also a receptor of the latest inventions in STI. This study proposes an integrated instrument for the empirical evaluation of user’s satisfaction of a KMS. We have consolidated factors from several instruments developed by previous researchers. This effort has resulted in a comprehensive instrument for measuring users' satisfaction of a knowledge management system. The instrument consists of six knowledge factors, namely: content, map, manipulation, community, usefulness, and security, which measure the level of user satisfaction towards the system. The instrument includes 22 items that measure user satisfaction of A pilot study was conducted using six registered users, in which the 22 satisfaction items were presented. As a result, nine questions were improved and the levels of question understanding were enhanced. Finally, the norms of the instrument and items were developed, and potential applications for practitioners and researchers were explored.
Keywords: Instrument; Knowledge Management; Knowledge Management System;; Measurement; User Satisfaction

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