DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7240-3_I-64

Authors: A.g.M. Das


We present a Web-based technology assisted teaching project at a University, initiated to overcome difficulties experienced due to distance and different time-zones at six campuses in three continents. We demonstrate that the pilot project initiated to improve teaching methods used for Information Technology degree programs at these campuses have been running smoothly and benefited from experience gained in this pilot project at these campuses thanks to web based technologies. Many of the advantages for the lecturing staff, administrators and the participating students have been highlighted. We employ paperless teaching and so our program is green technology compliant. We have employed web based course management tools (CMT) to effectively manage, coordinate, monitor progress, provide feedback to students in real time and to link students and staff in six different campuses forming one teaching and learning community dedicated to active learning and to achieve best possible outcomes without sacrificing standards.

The pilot project is elaborated using one course unit as an example showing the benefits and difficulties experienced and solutions explored. The web page is well designed, user-friendly and well managed and forms the backbone of the virtual learning environment (VLE). Web based access to learning materials, simulations and animations, historical images, short clips of scientists and scientific labs contributed for the development of this technological advancements leading to modern computer system designs, sound and video clips of computer technology based systems and finally glimpses of current and future trends including research and development are highlighted. Typical examples of simulations used, animations and web page designs used in this pilot project are shown. The web based learning system forms the integral part of the learning system encompassing all six campuses in a seamless manner. Conscious efforts were made to make the presentation of the course material not tedious but an enjoyable experience to our first year student sof IT. Student satisfaction has been measured using a feedback system and the overall performance improvements measured; these are also presented in this paper.

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