DOI: 10.5176/2251-2446_ITA14

Authors: D. Karunanithi and B. Kiruthika


Having numerous login for many service providers brought an pathetic situation among many organizations in order to avoid verifying identity of each individual every time when they login the challenge to overcome the multiple accounts is by providing Identity as a Service (IaaS).The overall objective of security, private and trust challenges arise from the technological underpinnings of cloud computing is a principle to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes to confirm that users of cloud environments are given total protections, to strengthen and stabilize a world leading cloud ecosystem. Hence, our concern is that currently a number of challenges and risks in respect of security, privacy and trust exist that may damage the fulfillment of these policy and so we upgrade in various implementations of cloud computing through identity management which reduces the burden associated with user accounts and privileges across multiple target resources, improves the Qos for users through measures such as self service password reset ,real time synchronization of changes from authoritative identity data sources across multiple target resources.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Identity Management, OpenID Security, Privacy, Trust


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