DOI: 10.5176/2251-2233_ITS18

Authors: Vaclav Jirovsky


Information technologies and increasing dependency of the mankind on cyberspace creates new emerging threats more dangerous than ever before. Retail and e-shop attack will outpace attack targeting banks and financial institutions while hospitals become the most exploitable issue. Identity theft will dramatically increase losses of e-shop operators and increase number of subsidiary court cases.

The mankind became dependent on the computers and computer networks will decrease his alertness creating him an easy target. Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are extending their services for third party development through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs). The social engineering in majority using data from social networks will enter a new era of internet exploitation utilizing sophisticated virtual identities and methods of artificial intelligence. Also there is an expectation of growing privacy right violation by governments and governmental agencies in the name of cyber defense.

The Virtual Environment will be specifically targeted by cybercriminals and cyberterrorist resulting in new way of attacker strategies. The complexity of Virtual Environment creates room for new sophisticated attack and large data storages in clouds make data pirates’ life easier.

Keywords: virtual cyberspace, cyber attacks, dependency on IT


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