ISBN: 978-981-08-8408-6

Authors: Alp Malazgirt


This paper is a study about international scientific collaboration, specifically as it relates to the biotechnology sector in Korea. The Korean biotechnology sector is compared to other major centers for biotechnology in the world, and we give recommendations to improve the Korean biotechnology sector. The importance of international collaboration is stressed. This paper lists the different types of international collaboration, and the current trends in the international scientific community. Then the focus is narrowed specifically to the biotechnology sector, where collaboration is examined in greater detail. Trends in the United States, the Middle East, Japan, China, and the European Union are examined to give a greater context to the discussion. Within this comprehensive frame of reference,
Korean biotechnology achievements are discussed, problems observed in Korean biotechnology are listed, and possible solutions to these problems are given.

Keywords: biotechnology, development, Korea, collaboration, international


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