DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7656-2_ITS20100-20

Authors: Yue Wu, Ping Yi and Jianhua Li


The properties of broadcast nature, high densities of deployment and severe resource limitations of sensor and mobile networks make wireless networks more vulnerable to various attacks including modification of message, eavesdropping,network intrusion and malicious forwarding etc. Conventional cryptography based security may consume significant overhead for low power devices, so current research moves to wireless physical layer for security enhancement. This paper is mainly focused on challenges and solutions in wireless physical layer security. It first describes the RSSI and channel based wireless authentication respectively, then presents the overview of various secrecy capacity analysis of fading channel, MIMO channel andcooperative transmission; and then examines different misbehavior detection methods, finally it makes conclusions and gives our future works.

Keywords: Wireless Security, Physical Layer, Authentication,Secrecy, Cooperative Communication, Misbehavior Detection���, ,Ping Yi, Jianhua Li


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