DOI: 10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.26

Authors: Lecturer Sinan AŞÇI

Abstract: “The single best thing about coming out of the closet is that nobody can insult you by telling you what you have just told them.” What Rachel Maddow said in The Rachel Maddow Show aired on Air America Radio can be seen as a symbolic issue related to the study of language and genders which has been examined for many years by scholars.
All of us in the media have the responsibility that the message we transmit to society do not affect people in a negative way. The notion of awareness is the responsibility of us all. Language can lead to an unfair picture of what we intend to represent. Writing and spreading the news are done from advanced culture to the developing one. In this case, reporters in the news media should be aware of all these, but nonetheless, the same people find themselves obliged to give into the dictates of the majority culture.
This study mainly aims to understand and show how the first LGBT honor killing differentiates in terms of social responsibility theory in prominent newspapers published in English in Turkey, such as Hurriyet Daily News and Today’s Zaman. All the news items in Hurriyet Daily News and Today’s Zaman in this period are scrutinized.
Before starting a comparative analysis, the news items of the newspapers mentioned above will be categorized according to the types of media contents. Through these categories, a general perspective on the English press coverage in Turkey will be revealed through the analysis of the evaluations of the general features of this coverage on gender minorities. Second, an extensive textual analysis will be carried out by analyzing the news texts regarding those days/dates covered in most of the newspapers representation of gender minorities in English daily press in Turkey. Finally, the findings of the analysis of the press coverage of gender minorities will be compared.
This study aims to present some relative information on the same topic comparing two different newspapers, one of which (called Today’s Zaman) represents conservative groups and the other (called Hurriyet Daily News) represents liberal groups in Turkey.
Keywords: component: gender minorities; LGBT; honor killing


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