DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm16.21

Authors: Dr. Manisha Dixit

Abstract: This research paper aims at analyzing the existing media practices with special focus on the TV Reality Shows in India, Every TV channel that presents a Reality Show has own practices in auditions, selecting judges, arranging the Sets, deciding the prize money and voting process, etc. These practices play an important role in the success of the shows. Some practices are common to most countries whereas some others are original and specific to different countries. For example buying formats and participation of common people are common in all countries. On the other hand reliance on emotional drama and a platform to promote files are mostly common in Indian shows. This paper critically reviews the current state of media practices adopted by the US and other European countries to Asianize their products. While work in this field is advancing, there is still a need for new research on a broader scope of issues specific to the native country.

Keywords: Reality Shows, formats, media practices, Asianze


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