DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm18.135

Authors: R.S. (Kip) Wotkyns III

Abstract: At a time when journalism instructors are grappling with a rapidly changing media landscape, we here at MSU Denver, are updating our journalism program to rise to the challenge of the latest digital disruption, namely drones. We are teaching a new course called: Drone Journalism. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) cleared the way for drone journalism with the release, in August 2016, of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 107, which regulates the commercial use of unmanned aircraft within United States airspace and sets the requirements for certification of "Remote Pilot Airmen" licenses. This paper is a blueprint for curriculum development, a "how-to" teaching kit. The work is intended to help universities, professors and students to take full advantage of the new FAA regulations in a safe, legal, ethical and responsible manner.

Keywords: Drone journalism, drone newsgathering, aerial surveillance, drone instruction, FAA UAS knowledge exam.


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