DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm16.64

Authors: Samia Rahman

Abstract: While an initial social media boom after the post mobile internet era in Bangladesh has already taken its fundamental trace, a true positive transfer of this powerful incident for the mass population is yet to be materialized. Often titled as a scary business in Bangladesh, journalism in recent decade has become a pragmatic part of the social culture of Bangladesh-primarily due to the massive growth of new electronic media. Social media certainly is shaping the nature of journalism in today’s Bangladesh, although this shift is in a very passive state. This paper explores the impact of social media in shaping today’s digital Bangladesh within the context of determining its value to journalism. Different social journalism characteristics were identified. On the basis of them the trends and scenarios of social journalism in Bangladesh towards the year 2030 were extrapolated with the help of a proposed predictive model. Finally, discussions and conclusions were given.

Keywords: Journalism; Social Media; Social Journalism; Social Journalism in Bangladesh;Social Media and Mass Communication


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