DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm15.53

Authors: Keval S. Vadodaria

Abstract: Social media platforms have already enabled businesses to spread their wings and explore new avenues in terms of branding, customer support and education, talent acquisition, public relations, market research, reputation management etc.Today, this must-have collaboration tool is being progressively embraced by both tutors and students alike. Social media is facilitating teacher-student interaction in the form of Facebook pages, Twitter handles, classroom blogs, classroom-specific web communities, YouTube channels and live chatting tools. This paper focuses on some major advantages including enhanced collaboration, greater transparency, self-expression and technology-friendliness in using social media for educational purpose. It throws light on some real-life examples wherein renowned educational institutions across the globe are evolving by adopting social media as an integral part of their pedagogy. Social media helps students overcome geographical barriers by staying connected with their peers round-the-clock. An upsurge in the usage of internet and mobile devices has contributed a lion’s share in fostering innovation in learning.

Keywords: Social Media; Social Technology; Collaborative Classroom; Teacher-student Interaction


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