DOI: 10.5176/2301-3729_JMComm12.64

Authors: Sanchari De

Abstract: In my paper I shall attempt to discuss how the New Media aesthetics are incorporated into the film Tere Bin Laden(Without You, Laden / Your Bin Laden, dir Abhishek Sharma,2010) in building the ethnic identity of the man believed to be the main driving force behind the event of 9/11. This film, in my opinion, is a satire on the generalization of South Asian and West Asian ethnic identity and cultural differences as perceived by the Global North. This film interestingly positions itself at the crossroad of communication, journalism, media, corporate and social responsibility. The film not only addresses the global northern media politics behind ‘otherization’ of Islam, it also satirizes the social responsibility that the media often declare to broadcast. And underneath this satire the deep concern for solving the social conflict comes into being. The film eventually tries to resolve this conflict in its own way by aspiring for a global connectivity.


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