DOI: 10.5176/2301-3710_JMComm18.123

Authors: Ayşe Müge Yazgan

Abstract: The concept “relations” is every time around where people live. The relation between mother and the baby begins as soon as she gives birth. The parents are the first educators, trainers for the kids. So far, this relation has been degenerating and becoming weaker. Parents being their role models are under stress since they do not have to be behind in the rapid changing of the world. On the other hand, a young person faces different types of conflicts during the communicative effort of existence while growing up. Purpose: The originating of this study is to examine the new generation parents and their young adult children from ages 18 to 24 according to their socioeconomic and sociocultural perspective. Content: The research is studied on 360 University students at different grades, ages differ from 18 to 24. Restrictions: In spite of the study on 360 students creates a data, it is limited to reach the entire research universe. Method: The research comprises the (QRI) Quality of Relationship The interest for the fame and prosperity has been too significant for the society to have its features since the middle-age. It is also helpful for the determination of moral values, for the distinctive parts of the interpersonal relations. The development in the social economy causes the education standards and the income level to get higher positions within the same parallel of the technological innovation. This exchange named as the new culture form is connected to the social relationship and is beyond local borders [4].Globalization is a menace to the traditional cultures. The development in technology has changed the relations, unfortunately. Although members of the society are in the crowd, they seem alone definitely. The values of one region decentralize the exported culture [3]. On the other hand, people get similar on behalf of the culture industry. While trying to keep the customs, it is not easy to get rid of the similarity as societies. The conflict faced by parents with “Y” generations are getting rather huge. Struggling with the globalization tends to be perceived differently by parents and children. The old always assume that they know better because of their experiences Inventory which was developed by Pierce and with his friends in 1990 and whose reliability and validity were confirmed. Participants complete a QRI for each of the following relationship: either mother or father. It consists of 25 items assigned to 3 facets; social support, depth, and conflict. Its factor analysis showed very high CFI values (range: 0.96-0.99). Subjects were instructed to generate responses for relationships that were necessary. Furthermore, they were intended to obtain both negative and the positive aspects of the specific correlation.

Keywords: relations, young adult, conflict


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