DOI: 10.5176/2251-3809_LRPP13.17

Authors: Ridhima Johari and Mudit Dubey

Over the recent years, public awareness about environmental health problems, contamination and pollution has increased considerably. As much of the civilized world has adopted a ‘green’ attitude, it has become all too clear that the planet is rife with pollutants and hazards that need to be dealt with. And although measures have been, and are still being taken, for many people some are the areas where damage has already been done. This raised awareness of environmental dangers and health also made people realize that there were environmental lawyers on hand to help them in case of damage or injury or affected through environmental contamination. This can involve an individual, a group or family, or even a whole community. The nature of toxic contamination means that there is a good chance that the toxins and pollutants will affect everyone within a certain area, and therefore they are all eligible to file a toxic tort lawsuit. The paper focuses on the affected individuals, who if fight for their personal rights, will generate an automated impact upon the society as a whole which will, in turn create a categorical impact on the laws in force and the mode of implementation which will result into the accomplishment of the basic objectives of the Environmental Laws.

Keywords: Toxic tort, Environmental Litigation, toxic tort lawsuit


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