DOI: 10.5176/2251-3809_LRPP1249

Authors: Veronika Kudrová

Abstract: The article Academic autonomy: Case of the Czech Republic deals with the legal delimitation of academic autonomy in the Czech Republic. The Academic autonomy itself appears between law and public policy. The notion of autonomy (self-government) in the Czech legal system is defined in the introduction. This is followed by a mention of the constitutional and historic backgrounds of academic autonomy. Then, the information is provided on the kinds of higher-education institutions that are bestowed with various degrees of autonomous competences. In view of the fact that the academic autonomy applies most broadly at public higher-education institutions, additional attention is given to them. Finally, the article mentions the relationships between higher education institutions and the Ministry of Education. The objective of the article is to acquaint foreign readers with the legal basis of the organisation and internal activities of the higher-education institutions in the Czech Republic.
Keywords: autonomy, higher-education institutions, public higher-education institution, academic bodies, other bodies of higher education institution, internal regulations, state regulation.


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