DOI: 10.5176/2251-1857_M312.55

Authors: Hu Shao Qing

Abstract: Double-base propellants are modeled as Maxwell Fluid with single spring and single dashpot in series. Tests in room temperature environment were carried out over a range of compression rates. The tests indicate the importance of understanding the effects of thermo-mechanical coupling. Stress-strain curve is generated by using Maxwell model,that is close matching with test curves for all strain rates. It is observed that with increases in strain rate, spring constant increases but damping coefficient decreases. It is also observed that variation of spring constant is logarithmic with strain rate and that of damping coefficient follows a power law. Spring constants and damping coefficients at any strain rate can be ascertained to predict stress–strain curves.
Keywords: Double-base propellant; Maxwell fluid model; spring constant; damping coefficient


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