DOI: 10.5176/2251-2055_MME1203

Authors: Gordana Đurović and Danijela Jacimovic

Abstract: The fifth enlargement (10+2) was a milestone in the unification of Europe, fifteen years after the Cold War was over. It has brought greater economic prosperity for all the citizens in the EU, and it made Europe a stronger player in the global economy, by deepening of economic integration and encouraging of competitiveness. Having in mind economic and political achievements of the fifth enlargement, countries in the Region, that are knocking on the door of joint European home, including Montenegro, have defined accession process to the EU as their strategic priority, „Europeanization“ as an engine of all reform processes and positive changes in the society, expecting, at the same time, that future Brussels enlargement policy will be equally encouraging and open for new Member States.

Keywords: EU enlargement, Western Balkans, negotiations


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