DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-9266-1_mobicona35

Authors: Riyadh Qashi, Martin Bogdan and Klaus Hänssgen


The IEEE 802.11 standard is a successful wireless local area networks (WLAN) technology, because of its easy deployment. With deployment of WLAN, the ability of the IEEE802.11 standard to support multimedia applications with high quality of service (QoS) requirements has increased. This paper evaluates the capability of QoS support in Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA) mechanism of the IEEE 802.11e standard. The EDCA is an enhancement for QoS support in 802.11. EDCA mechanisms allow prioritized medium access for applications with high QoS requirements by assigning different priorities to the access categories. The current work discusses the performance evaluation of 802.11 and 802.11e by simulations using the network simulator Omnet++.

The parameters delay and throughput are calculated and graphs are plotted. A comparative Discussion between DCF und EDCA is constituted for different services, such as voice, video, best-effort and background traffic. The scenarios results show the QoS support of EDCA for different types of data traffic due to its service differentiation technique and its four access categories. With EDCA mechanism, network capacity is effectively increased and the support for multimedia applications transmissions is improved.

Keywords: component; UDP, EDCA, DCF, 802.11e, AC, WLAN, 802.11, QoS


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