DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-9266-1_mobicona31

Authors: Swarnali Hazra and S. K. Setua


Mobile Ad Hoc Networks are comprised of mobile devices communicating via their wireless interfaces and their topology is continuously changing. During communication process between mobile devices or nodes, control-messages transfer occurs among the nodes and the communication process requires significant number of processing cycles in devices. Processing cycles and control messages consume bandwidth and processing resources. Since bandwidth and resource are at a premium, routing protocols should not send more than the optimal number of control messages they need for operation, and algorithms need to be designed for small processing and control overheads. In this paper ‘Clustered Optimized AODV’ routing protocol, based on the clustered network, is proposed to minimize the control-message overhead and two algorithms are proposed for clustering the network: ‘Centroid Clustering Algorithm’ and ‘Greedy 3-hop Clustering Algorithm’.

Keywords: processing overhead; control overhead; cluster; RREQ; RREP; AODV.


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