DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-9266-1_mobicona19

Authors: Hsiau-Wen Lin, Min-Hui Ho, Chien-Ching Chiu and Shu-Han Liao


In this paper, we use three types of antenna arrays such as L shape, Y shape, and circular shape arrays are used in the transmitter and their corresponding bit error rate (BER) on several paths in the indoor environment are calculated. Based on the topography of the antenna array and the BER formula, the array pattern synthesis problem can be reformulated into an optimization problem and solved by the particle swarm optimizer algorithm (PSO). Numerical results show that the synthesized antenna array pattern is effective to focus maximum gain to the line of site (LOS) path for three antenna arrays. The synthesized array pattern also can mitigate severe multipath fading in complex propagation environment.

Keywords: PSO; BER; antenna array


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