DOI: 10.5716/2251-2233_NTC08

Authors: Heba Fasihuddin and Geoff Skinner


Information Technology innovations have strongly affected today’s businesses and the way we work. This effect involves different industries, and the healthcare industry is one of them. Various healthcare information systems have been introduced to manage and share patient records and information. However, based on the reviewed literatures, the healthcare knowledge management system does not have the same focus and attention. It is found that there is no system that is able to manage the tacit healthcare knowledge and innovation. As a result, this paper aims to introduce a healthcare tacit knowledge management system that allows global sharing of this knowledge. Digital Ecosystem is found to be the most suitable technology to achieve this aim; specifically with the wiki environment as it is most suitable for the healthcare industry requirements. A wiki-based Digital Ecosystem is designed and simulated successfully in this study.

Keywords: knowledge sharing; Digital Ecosystem; wiki; healthcare systems


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