DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7656-2_NTC2010-35

Authors: Tanvir Anwar and Dr. Priyadarsi Nanda


Indoor navigation can be implemented with Bluetooth technology as sensors. We use RTT(Round Trip Time) as an attribute towards the navigation of an object. Designing the scheme for indoor networks with the introduction of pre-fixed co-ordinates has been used as a database. This paper presents a new algorithm that incorporate real life signal strength measurement from access point and peers to estimate position and distance using Bluetooth sensor network. The main feature of this paper is to see how RTT behaves with distance and then what approach we must take to make RTT more robust. We conducted several experiments to validate our proposed algorithm and study RTT behavior in real life application.

Keywords: Round Trip Time (RTT), ReceiveSignal Strength Indicator (RSSI), Bluetooth tags,Sensor


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