DOI: 10.5176/2301-3516_OPAP16.2

Authors: Hyesu Jeon, Sang Hun Shin, Mingeon Kim, Dong Eun Lee, Jae Seok Jang, Guwon Kwon, Jae Seok Kim, Young Beom Song, Hye Jin Kim, Kyoung Won Jang, Bongsoo Lee and Wook Jae Yoo


We developed a multichannel scintillating fiber-optic dosimeter (SFOD) system to measure real-time dose of an X-ray beam used in diagnostic radiology according to the exposure parameters. The real-time scintillation image (RSI) having dose information was measured using the multichannel SFOD. The intensity of the scintillation signals within the regions of interest (ROI) in the RSI was compared with the absorbed dose obtained by using a conventional dosimeter.

Keywords: component; multichannel scintillating fiber-optic dosimeter, dose distribution, diagnostic radiology, scintillation signal


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