DOI: 10.5176/2301-3516_OPAP13.42

Authors: Jeng-Yi Lee, Min-Chiao Tsai, Po-Chin Chen, Chi-Young Lee, and Ray-Kuang Lee


By self-sacrificing template method, highly uniform hollow-spheres of TiO2 anatase are synthesized, with the shell thickness 50 nm and a controllable particle diameter from 365 nm to 930 nm. A large enhanced photocatalytic activity is reported experimentally with these hollow-sphere nano-particles, which gives a 4-times enhancement compared to the crushed one with the same sample mass. We extend the Mie’s scattering theory to hollow-sphere nano-particles, based on which our theoretical results give good agreement to experimental observations.

Keywords: Nano-particle, hollow spheres, Mie scattering, Photocatalytic activity.


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