DOI: 10.5176/ 978-981-07-7531-5_PEEE.07

Authors: Mahesvaran Sibeperegasam and Dr. Vigna Kumaran Ramachandaramurthy


Voltage stability is one of the important parameters that will determine the stability of a grid system. The grid system operator needs to ensure that the voltage levels are within tolerance that is agreed upon in the National Grid Code. This will ensure that the grid system operator avoids the occurrence of voltage collapse and blackout. The main sources of reactive power are generators, synchronous condenser, Static VAr Compensator, capacitor banks and reactor. Usually the grid system operator will use generators as the first choice of voltage control as the response is faster and the quantum is larger. This paper will propose a coordinated voltage control method utilising an influential generator and capacitor bank of pilot buses that will enable a more efficient voltage control and reduce losses, as compared to the conventional method used by the grid system operator.

Keywords: automatic control, coordinated voltage control, hierarchical control, losses reduction, reactive power, secondary and tertiary voltage regulation, transmission losses


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