DOI: 10.5176/2345-783X_PHARMA13.37

Authors: S. Mohanalakshmi and Ashok Kumar CK


The aim of the present investigation was to evaluate the antidiabetic potential of different extracts of Girardinia heterophylla roots on high fat diet and low dose streptozotocin (HFD+STZ) induced diabetes in rats. Diabetes was induced by intraperitoneal injection of streptozotocin (150 mg/kg). Normal and diabetic rats were divided into different groups (six rats each group) and orally administered with various extracts (petroleum ether, ethyl acetate & ethanol) at the dose of 200mg/kg and glibenclamide (5mg/kg) for 60 days. At end of the experiment the blood samples were collected from experimental animals for biochemical estimation and the animals were sacrificed by cervical dislocation under mild anaesthesia. The liver was isolated for estimation of lipid peroxidation and in-vivo antioxidant activity studies. The ethanolic extract of Girardinia heterophylla had showed significant anti-diabetic and antioxidant potential when compared to standard drug treated group animals. Similar result was not found in other groups treated with pet ether & ethyl acetate extracts. These results demonstrate the antidiabetic potential of Girardinia heterophylla and suggests that the plant may have potential therapeutic value in diabetes and related complications.

Keywords: Girardinia heterophylla, roots, Anti diabetic, HFD-STZ, Anti oxidant


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