DOI: 10.5176/2251-2403_PSSIR15.50

Authors: Shubhra Seth


This paper under the theme of 'interdisciplinary perspective on violence and politics' attempts to present an emerging phenomenon of displacement manufactured by communal violence. The use of the word manufacture here is deliberate as the paper explores borrowing from Paul Brass's work that riots and pogroms are 'organized' by the political elites towards gaining their own set goals which mostly in a democracy is electoral and political gains. India in the decade gone by experienced a carnage which reflected elements of planned communal violence towards a targeted minority. The 'affected families' have since then been displaced and fighting a new changed challenged survival. India with a trajectory of communal violence at times orchestrated for furthering political and electoral gains has recently added a subsequent feature of displacement of the targeted minority, to this repertory violence and politics.

Keywords: Communal Violence, Displacement, Organized Violence, Repertory of violence and politics, Gujarat and India


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