DOI: 10.5176/2251-2403_PSSIR18.134

Authors: Ronie Thomas


It is widely established that media can play a major role in protecting and promoting human rights in the world. It can make people aware of the need to promote certain values in the form of human rights to mankind. The predominant role of media in addressing violence against women is particularly important in this current era of globalization and information revolution wherein the media reflects and contributes in shaping the core values and attitudes of society. Given the scenario, the present paper explores the role of Newspapers in addressing violence against women. Today, when Newspapers are on the decline and market driven motives are eroding the more solid values of journalism, there is a tendency among the journalists to focus on sensationalism rather than on ethical and normative dimensions of news or its objectivity. This is particularly true when we consider the Newspapers in India where in patriarchal values and perspectives still decide the content and value of news. Unless there is a huge political or civil society outrage, issues of violence against women are often neglected by our mainstream Newspapers. There are many examples to substantiate this argument. Hence, the focus of this paper is the role of the press on violence against women in India.

Keywords: Sensationalism, Gender bias, Gender Violence.


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