DOI: 10.5176/2382-5677_PYTT16.18

Authors: Mohammad Aatir Khan


Abstract—This paper will use Hegel’s Doctrine of Notion to explain the collective identity crisis of Pakistan. According to Hegel, every concept has a subjective notion and an objective notion. In a dialectic framework, these two notions unite to emerge as the absolute idea – the true and proper concept. Within the subjective notion, Hegel also talks about universality and particularity and how the two conflict and merge into individuality. This paper will relate that concept to collective identity in terms of the state and the individual. It will explore how the narrative given by the state fares against the discourse of Pakistani identity and what emerges from the interaction between the two.

Keywords: Absolute Idea; Collective Identity; Dialectic Framework; Discourse; Doctrine of Notion.


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