DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_QQE-039

Authors: David Shepherd, Rebeca Munoz Torres and Miguel A. Mendoza


In this paper we examine the relationship between output growth, volatility and prosperity in Mexico, focusing in particular on the degree of integration between both the regions and the individual states of the country. The results suggest that there is a high degree of similarity across the regions in the responses to shocks affecting the economy, but there are also significant differences across individual states. We identify a positive relationship between growth and volatility, but the relationship between growth and regional disparities appears to be negative, suggesting that higher growth is generally associated with lower regional dispersion in per capita GDP levels.

Keywords: Regional Output Growth, Regional Volatility, RegionalDispersion, Exogenous Shocks, Cyclical Fluctuations, Co-Movement, Dynamics

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