DOI: 10.5176/2251-2012_QQE15.02

Authors: Assoc. Prof. Tsertseil Juliya


The given work contains theoretical and practical aspects of innovation development at the enterprise within the frames of a cluster. The research in the field of innovation activities was carried out by such scientifical men as Igor H. Ansoff; J. Bailey, D. Bell, John Kenneth Galbraith, Peter Drucker; D. Swaim, N. Kelley, M. Porter, Douglass North, Oliver E. Williamson, etc. Innovation processes based on the staff’s intellectual activity and utilization of intellectual resources do not only increase balance sheet value and market price of enterprise assets but appears to be a key innovation factor of its functioning performance. The Russian Federation strategy of innovation development up to the year manufacturing cost of 2020 comprises key performance indicators for enterprises and organizations: diminishment of output product manufacturing cost (works and services) by more than 0.1, amelioration of output product consumptive qualities (works and services) and increase in labour productivity by more than 0.5. The innovational character of the business processes implicates transition to the following relevant level of development determining a new structure of the enterprise manufacturing costs, optimization of its productive activity, increase in sales receipts as a result of amelioration of consumptive qualities of easy-to-sell goods, works and services what implies the utilization of the enterprise intellectual capital.

Keywords: innovation, intellectual capital, composition and structure of intellectual capital, cluster.


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