DOI: 10.5176/2251-2012_QQE22

Authors: Himayatullah Khan and Mahmood Shah


The present study was conducted in Stage II of the Chashma Rgith Bank Canal area in D.I. Khan District. The study was based on 139 farm households randomly selected in the study area. The aim of the study was on some of the fundamental questions in relation to irrigation, farm productivity and poverty linkages: (1) Has irrigation played an important role in improving productivity and aggregate food production. (2) Has it also reduced poverty and improved rural incomes? The paper identifies conditions under which irrigation has greater anti-poverty impacts. The analysis of data suggests that there are strong linkages between irrigation, crop productivity and poverty alleviation. The linkages between irrigation and poverty alleviation are both direct and indirect. Irrigation has benefited the poor through higher agricultural productivity; higher yields increased cropping intensity, increased income, consumption and savings as well as higher farm and off-farm employment. The indirect linkages operate via regional, national and economy–wise effect.

Keywords: irrigation, performance, crop productivity, poverty alleviation, diversification, land holdings, D.I. Khan, Pakistan

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