DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8957-9_QQE-044

Authors: Biagio Ciao


This paper takes part in the debate on qualitative research method. It shows the importance of shifting the debate from the procedural to the epistemological level, where qualitative research finds its justification. Moreover, the discussion on qualitative works seems useless outside the boundaries of interpretivism if the scepticism that surrounds it is not eliminated. In the field of qualitative research, one is the “magic” number for the analysis unit. The paper shows a possible path in qualitative work. Qualitative work is the opposite of quantitative procedure; it is based on an interactive process between literature and evidence of an ongoing research project. Qualitative research may not lead to general rules, but the qualitative approach helps to read reality in a wider range of circumstances, if the authors make an effort to conceptualise. This is a linguistic effort.

Keywords: Management studies; qualitative research; case study; iterpretativism


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