DOI: 10.5176/2251-2012_QQE13.49

Authors: Radia Tekkouk, Dr Rosa Gallardo Cobos


Not surprisingly, the economic and social literature is loaded from the end of the Second World War of recommendations, theories, and development models, that although born in industrialized countries was extended in amplitude reaching hitherto called backward countries. There is no a general economic theory independent of space-time. Any theory, any economic model must be backed and supported by a set of rules, customs, value judgments and institutions which support. For this and throughout this article we have developed some thoughts on the evolution of the concepts and theories of development from another angle, highlighting the main ideas applied around development issues from a historical perspective. Such schematization neglects the ideological aspect of the theoretical and breaks with tradition researcher to emphasize the conceptual aspects within different schools.

Keywords: development, ideology and development concepts, origins of social capital concept, legitimating of power, social capital space


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