DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8227-3_ERP-SCM17

Authors: Dr Lee E J Styger


Recently, there has been unprecedented disturbance in the core supply base of many Australian organisations. Supply networks that were once considered robust are in many cases vulnerable. Traditional supply chain development methodologies appear to offer little improvement opportunity due to critical gaps developing at core supply nodes and/or within the critical mass of supply. This paper discusses the data derived from a series of novel cross-sectorial and cross-regional supply chain focus groups and OEM feedback interviews. This paper highlights the potential embedded risks within the supply base of Australia. Importantly this paper demonstrates a disconnect between supplier and customer, a lack of strategic thinking and implementation and chronic systems and technological scarcity within the data set, that will likely be the first threshold barrier for many organisations attempting to engage with their future customers.

Keywords: component; strategy, sustainability, supply,innovation, readiness


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