DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-8227-3_ERP-SCM16

Authors: Siti Zakiah Melatu Samsi, Rahayu Tasnim and Othman Ibrahim


The awareness among the industry players in Malaysia of traceability in the Halal supply chain is considered low as shown by the number of Halal-related cases reported and prosecuted by the relevant government authorities. In line with the goal to be a global Halal hub, a lot of research & development (R&D) activities carried out has only focused on developing technological tools that will be able to trace non-Halal ingredients in the food or pharmaceutical products. However, a study on the awareness and understanding of the concepts of Halal and Haram among the industry players or stakeholders is still limited. Therefore, this paper aims (1) to discuss the concept of traceability in halal supply chain; (2) to describe the roles of the stakeholders along the supply chain with regards to traceability and; (3) to summarize the foundation aspects required by Halal stakeholders in order to implement a successful traceability system. Information for this paper is gathered based on a literature review of previous supply chain traceability studies and relevant information related to the Malaysian Halal industry. The concept(s) discussed is expected to be the basic principles for all the industry players in overcoming the current issues of traceability in the industry and will become the theoretical foundation for other relevant research in the future.

Keywords: Halal industry, Halal supply chain, traceability,Halal stakeholder


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