DOI: 10.5176/2251-2217_SEA29

Authors: Aedah Abd Rahman, Shamsul Sahibuddin and Suhaimi Ibrahim


In this paper we investigate the use of multi-process quality model in the adoption of process improvement frameworks. We analyze an improvement effort based on multiple model adoption. Our analysis suggests that there is a possibility of a software development organization to adopt multi-quality and improvement model in order to remain competitive in the IT market place. We first discuss on the concept of software process. In addition, an overview on software evolution is presented. The concepts related to process quality model and improvement models are discussed. The research outlined in this paper shows that software processes, maintenance, evolution, quality and improvement have become really important in software engineering. The synergy among the multi-focused process quality model is examined with respect to process improvement. The research outcome is to determine key processes vital to the implementation of multi-process quality model.

Keywords: multi-process quality model; process improvement; software process; maintenance; evolution


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