DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES15.37

Authors: Nazim Mir-Nasiri and Bahitzhan Almenov


In connection with the consumptive depletion of the earth and destructive effect of emissions of combustion products on the environment, now humanity is in quest for alternative energy sources. The proposed technology intends to produce electricity directly at the consumer location by utilizing the concept of vertical buoyancy power generation in a water reservoir and thus able to lower the cost of electricity and save the fossil fuels. The invented machine is self-sustainable and able to convert the buoyant force energy into electrical energy. It includes two cylindrical pulleys with belt transmission partially submerged into water. The belt carries the chain of elastic plastic airbags to generate the buoyant force. The flat and weightless airbags are first driven by the belt to the bottom of water reservoir where they are filled with air delivered by the pipes from the compressor and then the blown up bags are driven up solely by the buoyant force. Thus, the belt and shaft of the upper pulley/generator are constantly driven by the buoyant force. The paper describes details of the engine construction, amount of power generated by the engine in relation to the reservoir depth and required air compressor power as well as advantages of such installations and their impact on society and nature.

Keywords: buoyant force, eco-friendly energy, self-sustainable engine


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