DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES15.56

Authors: Gihoon Lee, Yeojin Jeong, and Ji Chul Jung


Hydrogen storage and delivery have been considered as an important technology for hydrogen energy utilization For this reason, many hydrogen storage materials have been investigated. In particular, dehydrogenation of liquid organic hydride (decalin) is one of the promising methods to storage and supply hydrogen. It is well known that supported platinum catalysts are effective for dehydrogenation of decalin. Activated carbon is generally recommended for the carbon support of platinum catalysts. However, considering the fact that the physical properties of carbon support strongly affect the catalytic activity of platinum, the identity of carbon supports is thought to be a key factor to determine catalytic activity of carbon-supported platinum catalyst for this reaction. For the confirm the factors, we were prepare the carbon-supported platinum catalysts using three type carbons(carbon aerogel (CA), activated carbon aerogel (ACA), and commercial activated carbon (AC)) through an incipient wetness impregnation method. The prepared carbon-supported platinum catalysts were applied to the decalin dehydrogenation for hydrogen production. Both initial hydrogen evolution rate and total amount of hydrogen evolution were increased in the order of Pt/CA < Pt/AC < Pt/ACA. Keywords: Hydrogen production, decalin, dehydrogenation, activated carbon aerogel, platinum catalyst


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