DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES59

Authors: Yuan Su, Junwei Yan and Hiroto Takaguchi


This paper presents the actual analysis of energyconsumption structure of the model university campus inGuangzhou, and specifically pays attention to solving the energyconsumption intensity characteristics. The building sub-meteringsystem, which aims to obtain detailed end-user energyconsumption data and actual energy use, has been carried out inthe campus. The electricity consumption of end-users iscategorized into four parts: power systems, air conditioningsystem, lighting & electrical outlets and the others. Hourlyenergy consumption data of 11 different buildings are measuredfrom Sep.1st 2009 to Aug.31st 2010. Then examination of energyconsumption intensity according to the different buildings hasbeen analyzed based on the measured data, in an effort to achievesustainable university from the viewpoint of energy conservation.

Keywords: University Campus in China, Energy ConsumptionStructure, Energy Consumption Intensity, Energy-saving Measures


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