DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES16.33

Authors: M.A. C. Munaaim, N. Hamidin, A. Ayob, N. Md. Sani, A.M. Salleh

Abstract: A micro hydroelectric system is an energy conversion approach to generate electricity from potential (motion) from flowing water energy to an electrical energy. It is desired to be implemented by using a microhydro electric generator which is attached to the continuous flow of effluent discharge point of sewerage treatment plant (STP). The STP that complied with domestic wastewater to control water discharged according to local requirements which at the same time suitable to drive a turbine rotation head of a dynamo. This paper review the potential of electricity generation using micro-hydro generator turbine attached to an electrical dynamo and system regulator to produce electrical energy which meets the minimum power quality for self STP plant use. The concept of co-generator that normally found in steam-based generator is applied in this theory. The ultimate aim of the whole application is to have a self-ecosystem electrical power generated for the internal use of STP by using its own flowing water in supporting the sustainable engineering towards renewable energy and energy efficient approach.

Keywords: Renewable Energy, Micro Hydro Electric, Sewerage Treatment Plant, Energy Conservation.


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