DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES13.30

Authors: Joon-Hyeong Park, Young-Chul Son, Gyoo-Bum Kim


The Major Rivers Restoration Project(4MRRP), which mainly constructs the large weirs, can cause the rise in groundwater levels at the surrounding plains of the rivers. Field investigation such as topography, land use, and groundwater level and quality was conducted to design 900 groundwater monitoring wells near the 4MRRP area. 27 monitoring wells are constructed and managed in the Haman weir area. The analysis of the recent 1-year monitoring data indicates that groundwater levels are so interactive with surface water level, especially at the plain close to a river. Principal component analysis can explain that two groups of groundwater level time series exist in the Haman weir area. Groundwater monitoring wells will be valuable to assess and forecast the flooding and consider a countermeasure like a drainage system.

Keywords: Groundwater monitoring well; flooding; water level; principal component analysis


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