DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES14.28

Authors: Ilona Valeikaite, Dr. Joshua Fan and Dr. Martin O’Brien


“Economic” effects; “regional”, “gross” or “local” Value Added are just a few terms denoting aggregate economic effects of bioenergy production used within regional (sub-state level) bioenergy studies. At a first sight all standing for the same widely acknowledged merits; in fact these terms embrace not only varying economic impacts, but also often comprise different social and environmental impacts and cover distinct parts of the bioenergy system. Given the increasing interest in regional impacts by the local communities and decision makers as well as great inconsistency among respective studies, this paper presents a joint scope of the economic effects found within these works. Such joint presentation is expected to provide a base for the comparison among existing studies as well as clear-cut definitions of system boundaries and a multitude of economic effects themselves in shaping new analyses.

Keywords: Bioenergy, Economic Effects, Scope


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