DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES17.35

Authors: Jothinathan Lakshmi and Hu Jiangyong

Abstract: This paper deals with the comparative study on batchand continuous flow system in order to understand the role of NOM as initiators, promoters and inhibitors using modified Rct concept for pharmaceutical degradation. The reason for conducting experiments in both CSTR system and batch modes is because, the characteristic of pharmaceutical degradation in a CSTR system may be different due to the continuous exposure of ozone and oOH in the CSTR system. The results revealed that the initiation, promotion and inhibition rate constants of CSTR systems were almost similar values to the batch systems proving that the influence of NOM remains the same irrespective of the different reactor systems. Furthermore, the influence of parameters such as HRT and H2O2/O3 concentration ratio on pharmaceutical degradation was also evaluated using Rct concept

Keywords: O3/H2O2, Rct concept, pharmaceutical degradation, continuous flow system.


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