DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES16.38

Authors: Jong-Gun Lee, Jong-Hyuk Lee, Tae Yoon Ohm, Do-Yeon Kim

Abstract: Graphene flakes were blown with nylon-6 polymeric solution by a supersonic flow to produce water purification membranes that purifies a few milliliters of aqueous methylene blue solution in a minute. The solution blown nylon-6 nanofibers are entangled with graphene flakes to firmly hold them in a two dimensional film structure. The membrane deposition time required less than 10 sec to yield 5 x 7 cm2 size membrane. The method is commercially viable due to fast fabrication time and scalability.

Keywords: Graphene nanofiber composite, Adsorption, Supersonic spraying, Water purification


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