DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES32

Authors: Brenda Ariesty Kusumasari & Niniek Rina Herdianita

Abstract: Mt. Rajabasa is one of Indonesia’s geothermal prospect located in South Lampung, Sumatra. Based on topography and heat source, the geothermal system of Mt. Rajabasa is associated with andesitic stratovolcano. Fluid samples were taken from surface manifestations and analyzed to understand the characteristic of water, gas, and δ18O-δD stable isotope chemistry of the thermal fluids. The geothermal system is a high enthalpy system and based on the occurrence of surface manifestations, Mt. Rajabasa geothermal system has heat loss of about 175 kW.

Keywords: component, Mt. Rajabasa, geothermal, geochemistry, heat loss


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