DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES15.09

Authors: Chanel Ann Gibson, Mehdi Aghaei Meybodi and Masud Behnia


This paper built on previous work conducted by the authors that compared and contrasted the economic potential of a CHP system operating under five different carbon markets. In an effort to improve on the previous results a trigeneration system was proposed in this investigation to attempt to reduce the electricity requirements for cooling in the case study by more effectively utilizing waste heat. It was found a gas turbine-based trigeneration system when not liable for the carbon price, only systems operating in Australia and California would increase profits compared to the equivalent CHP system. This illustrated the reliance on the value of produced electricity compared to the value of recovered heat when considering a trigeneration system. When liable for the carbon price, an increase in NPW was recorded for four of the systems indicating that when liable for the carbon price, trigeneration was an effective means for reducing the financial burden the tax caused in these markets. A coal fuelled steam turbine-based system was also considered for comparison purposes.

Keywords: carbon pricing; energy efficiency; energy policy; thermo-economic optimization; trigeneration systems


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