DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES18.47

Authors: Wai Ying Wong, Benson Lau

Abstract: Light plays an important role in the built environment. Daylight as an important architecture element would enhance the spatial quality and experience of space; interfere with human behaviour and have significant impacts on the visual comfort of users. This paper aims to develop a more holistic light and visual assessment methodology of libraries at the tropics. The National Library and the Bishan Community Library in Singapore were selected as case study buildings for this study. The methodology of the assessment started with the detailed analysis of the architectural design concepts and daylighting strategies, then this is followed by field work using HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging and luminance mapping technique for visual performance assessment, as well as digital parametric studies on the luminous environment. The research findings derived from this study identified the key parameters for achieving desirable lighting conditions for designing libraries in Singapore and they could form the base for developing generic design guidelines for daylighting design in libraries at the tropics.

Keywords: library at the tropics; daylighting; HDR Imaging; Luminance mapping; visual comfort


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