DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES33

Authors: Alan Rocha, Vijay Agrawal & Shashikant Gupta

Abstract: The increase in greenhouse gasses contributes toclimate change in the form of increased temperatures on theearth and a rise in sea level. Carbon dioxide is produced whenfossil fuels are used to generate energy and when forests areburned fossil fuels result in an increase in global warming alongwith the pollution levels, which coupled with the ever-increasingprice of the oil barrel, affects the common man and the foreignexchange reserves of the country. This calls for sustainablesolutions and optimum use of renewable energy, which poses realopportunities and real challenges for today and for our future.Wind power has become cheaper and more widespread thanmost other renewable energy sources. This paper discusses theneed of identifying the competencies required by the wind powerindustry and the career options.

Keywords: competency, wind power, diploma, degree and postgraduate


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