DOI: 10.5176/2251-189X_SEES17.20

Authors: Zachary A. Fuerst, Robert S. Bean

Abstract: The long-term concern for nuclear power is the storage of nuclear waste after complete use through the respective State’s fuel cycle. This problem is two-fold in its ecological safety and its security components. Nuclear waste has the potential to be harmful to the environment if not stored for the long-term in an appropriate location and could be even more harmful if stolen and used for malicious purposes. A previously defined method for long-term nuclear waste storage is the use of a geological repository, which is a facility crafted in a mountain or other otherwise safe space where nuclear waste may be protected from theft or from causing environmental damage. Various local, national, and international entities have embraced or rejected the geological repository for a variety of reasons. Utilizing Continuity of Knowledge (CoK), a new case will be made for the wide-scale implementation of the geological repository to address the unique problem of long-term nuclear waste storage in both the ecological realm and the nonproliferation realm.

Keywords: Continuity of Knowledge Safeguards Nuclear Energy


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